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Penobscot Island Air

Kevin Waters - Owner/Chief Pilot
Mike Falconeri - Pilot
Brud Folger - Operations Director
Cindy Nash - Line Service
Sally Sinclair - Dispatcher
Frank Solari - Mechanic
Jim Strang - Pilot
Steve Turner - Pilot/Instructor
Jeremy Harmon - Pilot
Mike McFalls - Pilot
Scott Story - Pilot
Gus Lookner - Pilot
Roger Robertson - Assistant Chief Pilot
Sam Johnson - Line Service
David Staudt - Director of Maintenance
Shawn Michaud - Pilot
Clark Thomas - Line Service
Cody Olsen - Line Service
Madison Allen - Line Service
Maria Lombardo - Dispatch
Nick Frontin - Line Service
Sam Staples - Mechanic

Our Pilots

Our crew are veterans in flying out to the islands of Penobscot Bay and beyond. Many of the pilots are retired commercial pilots. We have pilots who were Alaskan bush pilots and others who have flown throughout the U.S. and beyond. In addition, many of our pilots are certified flight instructors. Our pilots have thousands of hours of flying time flying folks just like you.

Our pilots know the islands and the coast of Maine in depth and can provide you with vast knowledge of this beautiful area. They are well-versed in the particulars of the surrounding lighthouses and fly numerous flightseeing tours throughout the year.

Besides flying out to the islands and charter work, Penobscot Island Air flies government and state charters for various purposes. Some include the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Office of Aircraft Services, and University of Maine.

Our pilots have a diverse job—from flying people, animals, and freight to the islands to flightseeing and medevac flights. They do not know what their next mission will be until it is presented to them.

We invite you and your family and friends to come and see the beautiful coast of Maine. Our safety record is impeccable and we pride ourselves in our customer services. Our highly experienced pilots are ready to offer you a great time flying out to the islands. Come visit us at Penobscot Island Air!


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Penobscot Island Air
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